What better way to kick off a new blog than with a post with a title identical to the title of the blog! To be fair, I graduated with a degree in Economics. Overwhelming creativity does not come naturally, unless it is a new way to apply economic principles 😉

Obvious precursor, 10/10 huge nerd over here. I mean who else would start a blog about economics and politics if they aren’t getting paid for it? Although, to be fair, I’m expecting this to be a more cost efficient solution to therapy. Be prepared for some rants (it’s not good to keep it all bottled up… or so I’ve heard).

Oh politics. It’s (almost) everyone’s least favorite topic they can’t stop talking about. And amongst those conversations, one quickly realizes the end result is a whole lot of labeling. Conservatives, liberals, republican, democrat, libertarian, and yada, yada, ya… All it amounts to in the end is sticking people in boxes and leaving them there. Well I’m tired of the boxes, and none have my “preferred label” anyways. Which is why I’m starting this blog.

If I had to answer, I typically say I’m more libertarian than most conservatives, and more conservative than most libertarians. Ultimately, it’s a whole lotta words that amount to saying I identify most as a (classical) liberal.

I’m sure your ears just perked up with the use of the term “liberal.” Let me be clear in saying, I, IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, DO NOT mean liberal in the left-ist, socialist way it is commonly used now. Socialism by any other name (e.g. liberal, progressive, democratic socialism) is still socialism.

When I say liberal, I mean an ideology that believes strongly in freedom and individual rights. The ideas espoused by America’s founding fathers. And by the founding fathers’ greatest influences. I’m talking about Adam Smith, John Locke, Bastiat, and a whole slew of other incredibly influential thinkers. Unfortunately, outside the walls of a philosophy, political science, or economics classroom many of these name fall on deaf ears. Or they stir only a vague recollection from an old classroom or history lesson. Think Ron Swanson in a less dramatic and hilariously ironic way.

Put shortly, I believe in limited government and maximum individual freedom. I believe all were endowed with inalienable rights. And we should all be free to pursue our own individual happiness, which sometimes also means bearing the consequences of poor decisions. I will probably go into further depth of my personal philosophy at a later date.

In short, this is the goal of the blog. To take back the name of liberalism, and restore the true integrity of the name. This isn’t about partisanship, it is about promoting a set of ideals that have been watered down and misconstrued for ages. The Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org) presents a far more eloquent, historical case for reclaiming liberalism from the grips of an illiberal minded party. I highly recommend reading them.

Did this post really state that much about the struggle us “liberal” minded folks are facing in popular conversations? No, not really. But it’s my blog and I’ll get off topic if I want to. After all, that is the beauty of freedom of speech… and the internet.