Reclaiming Liberalism

Life, liberty, property.


Politics… it’s (almost) everyone’s┬áleast favorite topic they can never stop talking about. And basically it amounts to putting people in different boxes: liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, and yada, yada… But I refuse to be put in a box. Besides, there’s not one with my “preferred label” anyways. Thats what this blog is about. To reclaim the ideas of true classical liberalism. Not the left-ist BS that’s really just socialism in disguise. Call it what you want, socialism by any other name is still stupid.

For more in depth discussion of my choice of title for this blog check out my first post. Or this far more eloquent and historically accurate article from (Foundation for Economic Education; they are pretty much one of the best things to happen on the internet since… well the internet).

This site was inspired by many influential “libertarians” and classical liberal minds. Most notably, Ron Swanson.